If you are planning to shift to a new home on Toh Tuck Road, then before shifting you must have an overview of your new neighborhood. This article includes all such details that will definitely help you to know the place in the better way. It is a street in Bukit Timah. The closest station to it is the Clementi, the Beauty World MRT station which is on the Downtown line. Here, many condo developments could be found which are very spacious and covered with greenery. With all the perks of a condo, you get a home like feeling over here.

Toh Tuck Road Daintree Residences

A very common myth about the Toh Tuck Road is that it is very far from the town, but the fact is that it is just 15 to 20 minutes. If you want to have a late night on your street, then a barbecue or a dinner party at the house would be the best option. There are many good restaurants over here which are well known for the local food they serve. Among many of them, Beauty World is highly recommended by the people residing here. The closest store to this place is the Kenny Grocery and the NTUC Finest is just five-minute walk away. During Chinese New Year you can even find here many processions of lion dance trucks. Daintree Residences is located at Toh Tuck Road which is just minutes away from Beauty World MRT Station.

Culture at Toh Tuck Road

For availing a dose of culture, you can go to the hawker center or to the wet market. If you are visiting this street, then you must have authentic food from the local hawker center. In the neighborhood, there are many more joints that may attract you. New Garo Japanese is a very small family restaurant which is the only walking distance away. Here you can get quality food. Carpenter and cook are known for its coffee and its cool ambiance, but their desserts are also too good. The best deal that one may get is in the wet market for anything, you can bargain there easily and get things done on very low charges.

Toh Tuck Road Minutes away from the City

As every street has some pros and cons in the same way Toh Tuck Road also has some cons like there is a lot of construction work going over here which may sometimes irritate you. Though the neighbors are great, few people may not like so much interference from their neighbors. Though there may be some cons of this place despite that person residing here in the condos love their home and never wants to leave it.