Toh Tuck Road Beauty World MRT Station Daintree Condo

If you’re looking for some amazing places to enjoy food in this region, you can refer to New Garo Japanese which is located within the walking distance. Another worth mentioning name is Udder Delight which serves tasty ice cream. You can also pay a visit to Carpenter and Cook for its cool ambiance and great coffee.

You will be surprised to get the alteration of your clothes done for a little amount of $3 in the Wet Market. In addition to this, the presence of zebra crossing or speed humps makes it easier for local primary school kids to cross the road with ease. Daintree Residence is located at Toh Tuck Road Next to Beauty World MRT Station.

Toh Tuck Road Next to Daintree Residence Condo

If you want for a new neighbourhood where you can be happy with your family members, Toh Tuck Road offers the best option for its unique features. When you choose Ayse Davies from its proximity to Toh Tuck Road and Bukit Timah, you will always be contented with the quality that you will need during your stay. Here is an overview of Toh

The name of the designer is Ayse Davies from UK and Turkey with occupation in Business Development as well as Kids’ Chauffeur making it one of the best alternatives whenever you need a good deal for your family members.

When you choose it, you will live on Toh Tuck Road that makes it easy access to some of the best shopping outlets depending on your needs. If you do not like it, you will be in the same neighbourhood as Toh Tuck situated at Upper Bukit Timah making it one of the top places where you would live especially when looking for excellence as well as saving lots of time through the process.

Toh Tuck Road Beauty World MRT Station

In terms of the Closest MRT station, you will have Clementi that will be on the Beauty World MRT opposite Downtown Line currently being built. Once it is complete, it will improve the type of lifestyle that the residents who will buy units will enjoy in the residential area. For those who will live in the area for five years, they will have an easy time whenever they are living their dream lives. How about the schools existing in the area?

Since the residential area is fenced, you will have your kids going to school while walking thus saving you both time and money in the process. The main school is just a five-minute away walk that makes it ideal for those kids going to school. Since the condo are very spacious as well as green, you will always be contented with the ground floor of maisonette that will make you feel happy whenever you need a cool and serene place to stay.

Daintree Residence at Toh Tuck Road Singapore

For those who may be interested in shopping, the place has Kenny Grocery and NTUC Finest located within Bukit Timah Plaza that is a five-minute away when walking. You will save time whenever you want to go for your shopping much easier. In addition, the place is just 15-to-20 minutes’ walk when you want to go to Orchard.

With the New Garo Japanese, which is a very small and family-style restaurant located within walking distance, you will always be contented with the quality food whenever you need to enjoy yourself. Udder Delight will serve delicious and cold ice cream to your kids especially for those who love going there during the weekends. For shopping, you can visit Carpenter and Cook when you need for good tea, coffee as well as a cool ambience. In addition, they are installing speed humps and a zebra crossing to ensure that the roads are easier for the kids going to the local primary school when crossing the road. In summary, this guide on the Toh Tuck Road will enable you understand why you need a housing unit in the place for remarkable lifestyle.

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