S P Setia International Beauty World MRT Station Daintree Residences

Beauty World MRT Station is definitely an amazing place for those looking to shop within the area. With some of the excellent features that you might need whenever you want to visit a place where they can be certain of enjoying themselves during holiday while having an amazing shopping experience. Beauty World station is mainly composed of two platforms within an island platform in terms of arrangement, with the platforms both utilized for trains that are traveling within either direction.

S P Setia International Beauty World MRT Station

Beauty World MRT Station has Full-height Platform of screen doors that are isolated within the air-conditioned station right from the main tunnel environment, thus enhancing commuter safety as well as station comfort. With the main set of escalators, lifts and stairs that connects to the main concourse above. This means that all residents will always have an easy time when they need a place where they can have an easy time. Daintree Residences is located near to Beauty World MRT Station on the Downtown Line.

Beauty World MRT Station Daintree Residences Condo

Within the concourse level of wrapping around the main platform, its ceiling has two floors with high at platform level and conveying spacious feel for those who need to do their shopping. The main Passenger Information Systems that have plasma display screens are located at every platform with display expected at the train arrival times as well as key messages. The main tactile flooring also help in guiding the visually handicapped especially from the platform right to the station’s exit.

Beauty World MRT Station on Downtown Line

What are the main Passenger Usage Patterns?
The Beauty World MRT Station is alongside the Bukit Timah belt that serves as a residential homes mix, commercial buildings as well as shopping centers. In addition, the station does encounter high levels of demand as a node of transport serving the wide area of Beauty World while connecting it to other parts of rail network.
All visitors to the shopping centers in the area will have options of many food outlets that operates from shop houses resulting in a good commuters flow in and out of the main station throughout the whole day.

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