Bukit Timah is a residential area located in the central part of Singapore, just a few miles from the Central Business district. It’s surrounded by different amazing places such as Queenstown and Novena as well as central water catchment among others. The residential areas are both government and private sponsored, coming in a variety of prices suitable for people from different lifestyles. Named after the hills at the eastern part of River Kranji, the area has quality land value that attracts investors and settlers alike. Exquisitely built condominiums as well as bungalows fill the area continuing to invite many people, both investors and homeowners. Many amenities such as supermarkets, restaurants, food joints and restaurants together with schools only make the area more attractive and valuable.

Daintree Residences Located Near to Bukit Timah Estate

Although it started as a small area, it grew to accommodate an extension of the Upper Bukit Timah in District 21. Well-structured roads that accommodate private and public transportation users surround the area adding to the convenience with which residents in the area can move around. With several public and private schools, some of which are international, those with children can find a suitable option for their children’s’ education. These schools, which are available in all levels from primary to tertiary, offer high quality education, preparing children for the real world. Some of them include, Bukit Timah and Raffle’s Girls primary schools, Hwa Chong institution and Nanyang Girls High Schools together with National Junior College and Singapore University of Social Sciences that offer tertiary education among other schools. International schools include German European School and Swiss school in Singapore among many others. Daintree Residences is located near to Bukit Timah Estate.

Bukit Timah Estate S P Setia Condo District 21

Bukit Timah came into public domain as early as 1828 when it was put on the maps. The name, which also means “hill”, came from the community that lived in the hilly area that had not been fully explored during that period. Building of infrastructures started in 1845 when the first road was built in that area. This was only a carriage road but since then several good roads have been constructed in the region. In 1842, when the World War II took place, the Japanese took control of the region from the British army. After the war, a couple of memorials were built in the site as a memory of soldiers from both sides who died for the sake of Singapore. Bukit Tamil continues to grow not just in population, but also in infrastructure and commercial resources. It’s currently one of the most crowded areas in Singapore and is mostly occupied by expatriates.